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Office Management Services


Office management services for businesses and companies

Who we are

Business owner - are you a "one man show"? Doing everything on your own? How is that working out for you?


Calls and emails, orders, meetings, payments, finding new clients,  filing documents, sending price quotes, accounting,  marketing...


You are probably losing precious time on secretarial work

and at the end, you don't have time for your main business.

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A little about us

We founded SWIFT after accumulating more than twenty years of experience in administration, marketing, public relations, sales, project management, high tech, and advance technology.

SWIFT was built after we recognize a need.

The need of every freelance, CEO, entrepreneur to focus on what he is REALLY good at. 


We bring our knowledge and experience to the table, but we are most proud of our availability. After all you don't really need an assistant that will sit around aimlessly for 8 hours, but when you do need one, you need here to be available. That's when we come in the picture.

We offer virtual office management services. An efficient, professional, supporting option especially for you.

All of SWIFT employees come from administrative background, impressing qualities and most importantly, high work ethic.

Naama Cohen

CEO and Founder

Naama worked in several companies in Israel including Academon, Pelephone, ALYN hospital and more.

As the marketing manager of Academon I worked closely with the purchasing manager, CFO and CEO of the company on different campaigns. As donor coordinator in Israel and abroad for WOL at ALYN hospital, I was fundraising donations and goods.

Naama has a BA in business management form the Hebrew University.

Gilad Cohen

V.P. of Marketing

Gilad served in the Israeli Air force for eight years and in the Israeli police in the following eight years.

Gilad gained professional knowledge in various fields: Electronics, training, personnel, operations, management of technological projects, investigation, system development, and more...

Gilad has several certificates in computers, management, human resource, home economy.

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