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What is an effective employee placement?

Many businesses want a certain employee for a short period or to employ an employee without commitment to him.
Mainly professional workers, temporary workers or workers from a foreign country.
If the company has no legal entity in Israel and the company wishes to employ professional workers in Israel
Sometimes the employee is not a freelance and can not issue an invoice.


Here we enter the picture.
We at SWIFT allow you business owner to employ the person you want without obligation towards the employee. We will be the employer of the employee, and we will issue you an invoice for the work of that employee.
In addition we can carry out different solutions for business such as purchase of equipment, accounting, operation and more.
On the other hand, if you are not a freelancer or employed in a workplace and you need to produce an invoice for the customer,
We are here to give the solution.


Who is eligible for the service?
Small / medium businesses
Hi-tech companies
Foreign companies that employ workers in Israel
Workers and job seekers

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 Effective employee placement

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